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Doctor Holding Patient's Hand


Patients with inevitable miscarriage need more. 

"As a practicing obstetrician gynecologist it is my honor to participate in the joy of bringing new life into the world as well as the sorrow of loss.  The grief of miscarriage is oftentimes not well addressed by healthcare providers.  Held in Hope supplies women suffering from miscarriage with the essentials needed to navigate through this difficult time."

David Parker, MD

Board Certified OBGYN


Clinical Offices

Our goal at Held in Hope is to make the Held in Hope kit the standard of care for clinicians and emergency rooms. If  you would like the Held in Hope program in your office fill in the form below.

Mobile Phone

Miscarriage Help Line

If you are a nurse, doula, midwife, or physician who would like to volunteer to be on call once a month to take calls to support women undergoing miscarriage, please fill out the form below.

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