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About Us

Held in Hope creates and distributes miscarriage kits to support and equip women through first trimester pregnancy loss. 

Our kits are distributed through OBGYNs, Emergency Departments, Midwife practices, care centers, and we now ship boxes throughout the United States.

Our Beginning

"I'm sorry, but your baby has no heartbeat."

Held in Hope was started in October 2022. Amber Hassett, President and co-founder, experienced a miscarriage of her baby girl Hope. It was through this loss that the current standard of care for early miscarriage loss was brought to her attention and the need for better became apparent.


At Eleven weeks pregnant, Amber went in for a routine ultrasound and was told,  “I’m sorry but your baby has no heartbeat." Her doctor shared with her options and condolences at that point, but being in such a state of shock, was unable to recall that information once at home.


Getting home, Amber had decisions to make and found herself on Google, trying to pull things together to prepare to miscarry at home.  While in this process, Amber kept thinking, "women deserve better!" They should be handed the information about their options for miscarriage management upon diagnosis allowing them to go home and read the information and make informed decisions about all of their options. Women deserve to know what to expect and to be equipped with what they need. 

With this mission in mind, Amber was joined by Kenzie Covarrubias and Debra Gardner to change the standard of care for women experiencing 



Held in Hope

October 2022

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